Ceramic Fiber Module
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Product Introduction
Ceramic Fiber Module     
Product Introduction:    
Ceramic fiber module is a new refractory lining product in order to simplify and speed up the
furnace construction and improve the lining integrity. The product, pure white, normal size,
can be directly fixed on the anchor bolt of industrial furnace steel sheet, with a good fireproof
and thermal insulation, which increase the furnace refractory insulation integrity and improve
the furnace lining technology.
Product Features:
Excellent flexibility, the modules are in a pre-compressed state. After the lining masonry, the expansion of the modules results in a seamless lining, capable of compensating for the shrinkage of fiber linings, enhancing the insulation performance of the fiber linings and overall performance.     Ceramic fiber modules can be installed rapidly, with anchors set in the cold face of wall lining, reducing the material requirements for the anchors.
Product application
Insulation of furnace linings in the petrochemical industry, in the ceramic, glass, and other building materials industries and in the heat treatment industry.  Furnace linings in other industrial kilns.
Grade  Common Standard Zirconium
Max. Temperature (°C)105012601430
Shrinkage on Heating (%)950°Cx24hs-31000°Cx24hs-31350x 24hs-3
Thermal Conductivity by200°C0.050~ 0.060
mean temp. ( W/m.k)400°C0.095- 0.120
(200kg/m3)600°C0.160~ 0.195
Density (kg/m3)170~ 250kg/m3
Size (mm)300x300x200; 300x300x250; 300x 300x 300
Remarks: The data above is for reference. The Max. temp. depends on the working conditions.