Slag Conditioner
Ocean freight
Product details
Essential details
G.W:1250 kg
N.W:1000 kg
Shipping:Ocean freight
Product Introduction
Slag Conditioner       
Slag Conditioner is made from ordinary light burned magnesium powder, mixed and pressed into balls. Mainly used for converter steelmaking and slag splashing to protect the furnace, which can improve the converter life. The preparation of lightly burned magnesium balls involves adding 80% lightly burned magnesium powder to 2O% water, placing it in a mixer for rolling, stirring, and mixing for 15-20 minutes to form a mixture. The product is then sent to the ball pressing mechanism through a belt conveyor to prepare the product, and then stacked. After 48 hours of air drying and forming strength, the finished product of light burned magnesium balls is ready for sale.
ItemSlag Conditioner 55Slag Conditioner 60Slag Conditioner 65     
MgO %≥556065     
SiO2 %  5  5  5     
 Moisture %  6  5  3     
Size mm40,5040,5040,50     
Package 1.25mt/Jumbo bag 1.25mt/Jumbo bag 1.25mt/Jumbo bag     
Remarks: Above specification can be adjusted according to customer' s requirements