Future development of refractories

The development of refractories in the future mainly includes the following aspects:

1. in terms of amorphous refractory materials, it is mainly refractory castables, which are used for blast furnace lining (Gunning Technology)

Iron ditch of blast furnace casting yard, ladle and ladle lining, external treatment equipment for molten steel, dry process cement kiln

External circulation heat exchanger, as well as thermal insulation materials and repair refractories.

2. in terms of shaped refractories, new clay bricks and high alumina bricks with high technical potential are produced:

For example, materials for lining in some areas of cement kiln, flow steel bricks, refractory bricks for blast furnace and its hot blast stove, blast furnace

And red column stone bricks for hot blast stove, products for anode baking furnace, clay and high alumina insulation bricks, etc.

For refractories, from shaped products to amorphous refractories (mainly refractory castables)

Exhibition is the trend. The use of amorphous refractories can not only increase the traditional smelting of blast furnace, ladle, tundish, etc

The lining life of metal equipment can significantly reduce the amount of labor in front of the furnace and improve the lining speed. In this respect

The obvious progress is the production and application of andalusite products, which have been expanded to cement

Rotary kiln, blast furnace and hot blast stove.

Amorphous refractory materials can be divided into castable, plastic, ramming, spraying, projecting and refractory materials

Mud, fire-resistant coating, etc.