Brown Fused Alumina

  • Tuesday, 25 October 2022
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Brown Fused Alumina

The present invention relates to the process of producing brown fused alumina by smelting high-iron bauxite. Bauxite has a high level of iron and is becoming more expensive and scarce. This trend has led to an increased need for alternate resources and the invention aims to address this problem.

Brown fused alumina is produced through an electric arc furnace with a mixture of carbon materials, bauxite, iron filings, and aluminum oxide powder. Its properties distinguish it from smelting alumina. It is further divided into two types: fixed furnace and tilting furnace. The former has lower content of iron oxide, while the latter has a higher content of SiO2.

Brown fused alumina is used for a variety of applications. Its low melting point and comparatively high strength make it suitable for high temperatures. Moreover, it can be hand-moulded and fired. The only drawback is that it is not inherently resistant to thermal shock and spalling. Despite its shortcomings, the material is inexpensive and can be used at temperatures between 1500deg-C and 1700deg-C.

Brown fused alumina is an environmentally friendly and recyclable abrasive. Its low iron content allows for blasting operations without contamination. Its high surface hardness makes it an excellent abrasive for polishing and grinding. It is also widely used as a refractory material.

Brown fused alumina is a dense, tough, and long-lasting material. Its grit size and shape vary according to its granular composition. It is extremely hard and possesses a Mohs hardness of nine. It is best suited for applications where toughness, hardness, and wear resistance are required.

Chilcon is a ferroslag by-product. Although it is available in limited quantities in the UK, it is imported in significant quantities from China and Brazil. It has a similar appearance to metallic lustre limestone, but is heavier and has a higher fines content. It has excellent wear properties and is widely used in floor toppings.

Brown fused alumina is produced by fusion of high-quality bauxite with an electric arc furnace. It has exceptional properties including high compression strength, toughness, and self-sharpening. Furthermore, it has excellent hydrophilia and cleanliness. These properties make brown fused alumina an excellent abrasive for various applications.

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