AZS Zircon Ramming Material

  • Friday, 21 April 2023
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AZS Zircon Ramming Material

AZS zircon ramming material is one of the most commonly used materials in glass melting furnaces, frit kilns and other industrial furnaces.azs zircon ramming material It has good corrosion resistance, and is also very stable, especially for sintering process. It can resist molten glass & metal erosion, deterioration and exudation, and is suitable for use in the superstructure, side walls of melters and refiners and paving blocks, etc.

Generally, there are two kinds of refractory ramming materials. The first type is azs zircon ramming material and the second type is zircon ramming material. They are made of a variety of refractory aggregates, powders, binders and additives with a certain gradation. They can be used as a base for the construction of a kiln, or as an adhesive and pouring layer to seal the bottom of a refractory lining. They have the characteristics of good density, high alumina content and low shrinkage, which are very useful for the construction of a glass kiln.

This refractory ramming material is mainly composed of alumina powder, zircon powder and a small amount of sintering aid (such as silica) and inorganic binder (such as aluminum phosphate). It can be fired at about 2500 deg F. It is suitable for a number of applications in the glass industry, including a number of types of refractory bricks.

The alumina and zircon refractory ramming material has a high density, and its mechanical strength is strong. It is very suitable for the bottoming and hot patching of silicate kilns, and has the features of good construction performance, high resistance to glass erosion and long service life.

In addition, this kind of refractory ramming material can also be used in the pool insulation, thermal patching and the bottom and wall of the tin bath. It has good glass and metal erosion resistance, the acuity of 2.9 g/cm3 volume density, linear shrinkage less than 0.2%, and a service life of more than ten years.

This kind of refractory ramming is the best choice for glass furnaces and other refractory equipments because it can be fired at a very high temperature, it has good alumina content, a higher content of Al2O3, better corrosion resistance than azircon ramming mass, and it has a good sintering quality. The service life of this kind of refractory ramming can be more than ten years and it is very suitable for the construction of glass furnaces.

AZS refractory bricks are mainly composed of alumina powder, oblique zircon powder and a small amount or no additive. They can be fused at a high temperature, which can provide a solid foundation for the construction of the refractory lining. They are widely used in the superstructure of glass melting furnaces, sides of frit kilns, and paving blocks.

Another refractory ramming material for the construction of a kiln is an indefinite type zircon refractory ramming. This refractory ramming is composed of 5mm fused cast AZS grains and other refractory materials with a high content of Al2O3, which has better corrosion resistance than azircon.

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