AZS Zircon Ramming Material

  • Tuesday, 14 February 2023
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AZS Zircon Ramming Material

AZS ramming material is the ideal monolithic refractory material for bottom sealing, hot repair and cold repair in glass furnaces.azs zircon ramming material It mainly uses the fused cast zirconia corundum particles and small amount of additives to achieve good curing at room temperature, high temperature strength, stable thermal expansion and good corrosion resistance to molten glass.

Besides, AZS ramming material is also widely used in the melting part of the glass furnace for bottom and wall sealing.azs zircon ramming material This refractory material is featured with excellent performance and easy installation. Especially, it can be used for a long time without cracking and deterioration of its thermal expansion characteristics.

There are many types of refractory azs ramming materials.azs zircon ramming material They are made of refractory aggregate, powder, binders and additives. The azs ramming mass can be prepared according to the needs of the customer. The azs refractory can be used as the melter, sidewall and throat of the furnace for the production of TV glass, borosilicate glass, alumina silicate glass, halogen lighting glass, opal glass, fiber glass and so on.

Fused cast azs block is one of the most common types of refractory azs block used in the kilns. It is manufactured by electrofusion process with a special mixture of raw materials and then cooled to solid. It is a good choice for electric furnaces and glass furnaces because of its low porosity, stability and high refractoriness.

The azs refractory is produced by mixing refractory aggregate (fire clay based, high alumina based, mullite-corundum based, silica based, magnesia based, carborundum based) and powder, binders (phosphoric acid and phosphates, sodium silicate, aluminum sulfate, binding). It has a variety of applications in the bottom, wall and regenerator checker work of the furnace.

Another type of azs block is the fused azs ramming brick. This azs block is prepared by crushing the fused azs refractory brick into a certain particle size and then mixing it with other auxiliary materials. It has the advantages of the fused azs refractory, such as easy installation, good performance and stable thermal expansion. It has a good anti-corrosion ability to molten glass and does not pollute the molten glass.

It has a high strength, low thermal expansion and a stable thermal conductivity. It is a kind of refractory material with a high level of refractoriness, which can resist erosion and corrosion caused by weakly alkali glass liquid. It can also resist the damage caused by gas and oxidation atmosphere. It is a good refractory material for reheating and melting of molten glass, and it can be used in circulating fluidized bed furnaces, ladle, and reheating boilers of the glass kiln.

ZrO2 and AZS dissociate to form the crystalline fish egg phase or the nodular and acicular fish egg phase or the dendritic fish egg phase, and alumina can be partially dissolved and re-crystallize into secondary mullite needles or hexagonal plates of a-Al 2 O 3. When exposed to alkali vapors, the alumina and zircon phases will react with the vapors of sodium and potassium and produce nepheline and carnegieite in a leucitic-nepheline solid solution phase.

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