A Series of Light-Weight Insulating Castables

  • Tuesday, 06 December 2022
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A Series of Light-Weight Insulating Castables

OVENZZ LW Cast is a lightweight insulating castable with excellent insulating properties.series of light-weight insulating castable It is suitable for filling large cracks, and can also be used to produce casting shapes. The aggregates used to produce OVENZZ LW Cast include GREENLITE, which provides superior insulating performance. It is sold in 55-lb bags. The product is designed for applications such as kiln car beds and casting shapes.

OVENZZ LW Cast is manufactured by Gongyi Hongda Furnace Charge Co.series of light-weight insulating castable , Ltd. The company mainly produces ramming mass and plastic materials. They also produce refractory materials. They are also involved in the manufacture of fired bricks and plastic materials.

OVENZZ LW is a light weight insulating castable with excellent insulating and sealing properties.series of light-weight insulating castable It is suitable for filling large openings in kilns and for sealing firebrick under hearth in pizza ovens. The product has a density of 0.6 to 1.7 g/cm3. It is a non-water soluble product in service. It is made from lightweight refractory powder and additives.

OVENZZ LW consists of a CaO * 6Al 2 O 3 casting material, which contains 40 to 60 wt.% of alumina cement and 0.01 to 1.0% by weight of guar gum derivative. The particle size of the casting material is less than 3 mm. It is also characterized by a low thermal conductivity. It has high strength in the intermediate temperature range. It is suitable for middle and low temperature furnace linings.

The insulating castable refractory materials are used in chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical processes, and chemical plants. These refractory products are easy to use, provide long reliable service, and are quick to apply. They also have a smooth consistency. They are ideal for lining mobile covers and furnace linings. They are also suited for pumping and other pumping applications. They have a smooth and uniform thickness, and are blends with an anti-separation agent. The anti-separation agent prevents the separation of the components of the mixture, which results in less settling.

The product can also be blended with other materials such as organic fiber, metal fiber, or condensed phosphate. This lightweight insulating castable has low thermal conductivity, which can reduce the weight of the lining and reduce thermal energy. It is also very good for anti-corrosion lining walls. The material is also characterized by high workability and impermeability. It is a good insulating material for high temperature applications.

The product also contains a natural thickening polysaccharide such as bentonite, methylcellulose, and dextrin. It also contains an anti-separation agent such as welan gum and xanthan gum. These components are added to the product according to a specific ratio. The total amount of all the components is used to calculate the blending amount. The blending amount is 0.1 to 0.5 percent by weight of the insulating castable. The insulating castable has excellent insulating and sealing properties and is suitable for lining large cracks, casting shapes, and lining mobile covers. It is also suited for insulating under hearth firebrick in bread ovens.

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