Yinming Refractory Materials--Only focused on refractory materials.

Tangshan Yinming Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures, and distributes refractory materials and aims to become an important participant in refractory insulation materials for industrial furnaces and kilns.

Vision: Improve Profitability to Partners

We are committed to tailor solutions for your distinct application. In our own workshops, we produce:

1. Fireclay Brick SK30, SK32, SK34;

2. High Alumina Brick Al 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%;  Andalusite Brick Al 65%

3 Anchor Brick, Hanger Brick ,Special Shaped Brick;

3. Corundum Brick  Sintered Corundum Brick Al 90% Fused Zirconia Corundum Brick 33PT, 33WS, 36WS, 41WS

4. Insulating Brick Mullite Insulating Brick JM23, JM26, JM28, JM30 ; Fireclay Insulating Brick B-1;

5. Silica Brick 96A

6. Acid Brick  Red Acid Brick; White Acid Brick;

7. Magnesia Products  Burnt Magnesia Brick;Magnesia Chrome Brick;Magnesium Aluminum Spinel Brick;

    Magnesia Carbon Brick; Magnesia Calcia Brick; Ladle Nozzle, Ladle Well block, Slide Gate;

8.Slag Conditioner;

9. Graphite Block/Carbon Brick

10. Graphite Electrode

11. Silicon Carbide

12. Carbon Additive

13. Chamotte

14. Ceramic Fiber products

      14.1 Ceramic Fiber Blanket;

      14.2 Ceramic Fiber Board;

      14.3 Ceramic Fiber Paper;

      14.4 Ceramic Fiber Bulk;

15. Glass Fiber Tape/Rope

16. Calcium Silicate Board

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