About Us

We are industrial furnace refractory material suppliers,exported to more than 30 countries, the main products have high aluminum refractory brick, insulating brick, magnesia spinel brick, acid resisting brick and refractory products

About Us

Tangshan Yinming refractory materials Co. Ltd.


Tangshan Yinming refractory materials Co., Ltd. located in the  beautiful and rich coastal city of Tangshan. Tangshan is located in the eastern  part of Hebei Province, north of Yanshan, south of Bohai, Hebei Province, is the  center of economy, is one of the China and the world\'s most important industrial zone. Region rich in mineral resources, with excellent quality,  provides a very broad space for development be richly endowed by nature condition for the production and development of  refractories.

Tangshan Yinming refractory materials Co., Ltd. was founded in  1992, mainly the production of metallurgy, building materials, nonferrous  metals, coking, petrochemical and general industrial furnace refractory  material, is a professional enterprise production and export area of North  china. At present there are stereotypes products and unshaped products two  categories. Products mainly include high alumina brick, clay brick, heat  preservation brick, zirconia corundum brick, brick, brick, brick, silicon acid  acid white brick, sintered Mo to brick, unshaped products mainly include  refractory fiber products, waste brick, brick powder, chrome oxide green,  bauxite homogenization material such as over a hundred kinds products and models  of refractory raw material, variety is complete.

Our company is strong in technology, testing equipment, excellent  innovation capability, advanced technology and equipment. All products are made  of high quality raw material, scientific formula, reasonable technology,  reliable quality, and can be widely used in the metallurgy, cement, petroleum,  chemical industry, machinery, ceramics, glass and other industries, set R  & D, production, sales, the application as a whole, can the good working  conditions for users effectively, reduce energy consumption, reduce production  cost, to provide the best quality service, create more extraordinary  value.

The local near Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian and other large city, in  the area of transport to outshine others, adjacent to the Beijing Harbin  railway, Tianjin mountain railway, Datong Qinhuangdao railway, Tianjin Qin  Gaotie, railway, waterway has close to Jingtang Port, Caofeidian port and  Fengnan port, three more female River airport, railway, highway and waterway  aviation lead in all directions, as I company products are exported to overseas  trade and the mainland has created extremely favorable conditions. With our efforts and pursuit, the company\'s products won the domestic and international  market wide, mainly exported to the mainland each country all over the domestic  and American, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Iran, Spain,  Africa and Europe and South America, won the foreign consistent praise, enjoy a  good reputation.

Since the founding of our company thank you all friends at home and  abroad, all staff adhering to the \"guaranteed quality, heavy commitment, to win credibility\" principle, the short 10 years has developed rapidly. Our company  warmly welcome friends at home and abroad, to join hands in creating a better  future!